Mike Vezzani

Mike graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Interdisciplinary Humanities. He was introduced to the Ruby programming language 5 years ago. Since then, he has pursued solving problems in JavaScript, C#, and Elixir. When not programming, he enjoys cooking, carpentry, and playing piano. He hates his computer mouse.

    10 hours With: Vue.js Part 3

    02.01.18 | Mike Vezzani
    Computed properties and caching for a happier you with Vue.js part 3 of 3.

    10 Hours With Vue.js Part 2

    01.18.18 | Mike Vezzani
    Instantiation, Callbacks, and template syntax with Vue.js part 2 of 3.

    10 Hours with: Vue.js Part 1

    01.11.18 | Mike Vezzani
    An introduction to Vue.js part 1 of 3

    Keeping the Kitchen Sink Clean

    12.22.17 | Mike Vezzani
    I hate dishes. Like, I really, truly, deep down in the bottom of my heart’s right ventricle hate dishes. And when I’ve made dinner and then spent the successive half hour cleaning up the mess I made in the kitchen as a result of said dinner preparations, I get annoyed, nay, angry when someone decides to make another mess in the kitchen and leave it dirty.

    A Year In Review: Crossroads And Elixir Phoneix

    06.12.17 | Mike Vezzani
    Four years ago I decided to venture into the world of development. I picked up some books on HTML, CSS, javascript, and Ruby, took some courses