Every day at Callibrity you will gain new opportunities to…

  • Make a real impact.
  • Know how what you’re working on fits into the bigger picture.
  • Be challenged to learn new technologies and skills.
  • Surround yourself with technical experts who value quality outcomes and teamwork.
  • Feel like you’re working at a small company but with big company resources.
  • Work under leadership that understands the needs of software developers and respects your time and skills.
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Career Paths at Callibrity

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Culture at Callibrity

We have a lot of fun here. You will too. You’re not just part of a team here, you are part of our family.

“The people are what make Callibrity a great place to work. My team is professional, skilled, and highly motivated to produce results for our client. They are also a lot of fun to work with and care about each other's success.”

- Software Developer at Callibrity

“Everyone at Callibrity is professional, very knowledgeable, approachable, and fun to be around!”

- Principal Consultant at Callibrity

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Core Values

Invest in people and culture
Take pride in quality outcomes
Be passionate about your craft
Treat others with respect and empathy
Relationships before revenue
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Benefits Highlights

Invest in people and culture is our number one value. We train people so well they can go anywhere and treat them so well they don’t want to.


Paid parental leave


401k match vested immediately


Insurance effective on day 1


Paid bench and time off


Annual training stipend



Callibrate is the all-encompassing brand of our consultant onboarding and continuous learning programs like coding workshops and technical lunch ‘n learns. Callibrate is different than your typical corporate training. It is part of our “secret sauce” to consistently delivering better software.

What to expect after applying

We treat others with respect and empathy by being transparent in everything we do.

  1. Phone Interview: a quick introduction to Callibrity to gauge your level of enthusiasm about the role and cultural fit.
  2. Code challenge: You will be provided with a technical problem in HackerRank that will take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to solve.
  3. Pair Programming: You will solve a technical problem live with a Senior Software Developer that normally takes about an hour and is done virtually.
  4. Face to Face Interview: This is the final stage of the hiring process.
  5. Offer: Congratulations! Now we would like to know, "How's your ping pong game?"


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So, you want a career at Callibrity? Here’s our advice to you

“If you are a software developer or looking to start a career in software development, I would encourage you to make learning a daily and lifelong habit. When you are learning something new, challenge yourself to move from the safety of introductory tutorials and into the deep waters of building something sooner than you think. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and you will develop new skills at a rapid pace. Lastly, I would advise you to go through the learning process publicly, asking developers with more experience than you questions about what you are working on and sharing what you are learning with other people.”

Software Developer at Callibrity


Wherever you are on your technology journey, the technologists at Callibrity meet you where you are and get you to where you want to be.
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