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    Testing and Local Development with MSSQL (2 of 2)

    06.16.22 | Callibrity Expert
    Welcome to the second installment of this two-part blog series on creating robust automated testing and local development solutions for MSSQL. If you haven’t read the first post yet, please do so before proceeding (Testing and Local Development with MSSQL (1 of 2)) as this post builds upon concepts introduced there.

    Testing and Local Development with MSSQL (1 of 2)

    06.09.22 | Callibrity Expert
    The most challenging part of designing an effective automated testing strategy is accurately simulating databases. Microsoft’s SQL Server (MSSQL) is particularly irksome because of its large footprint, lengthy startup time, plethora of configuration options and ability to store custom logic (stored procedures, user-defined functions, …). These characteristics make it onerous to materialize production equivalent instances within automated pipelines efficiently. This post is the first in a two-part series demonstrating a technique to assuage said difficulties.

    Conversational Intelligence: How to get the most out of meetings

    11.11.19 | Callibrity Expert
    Recall a meeting where multiple individuals of a team started getting into a heated discussion. As it escalated, you envisioned ways you could escape unscathed. Maybe you were someone who was strong in their beliefs and became frustrated when others didn’t see your point. Perhaps, it started as a brainstorming session with a ton of ideas thrown out but no solution was agreed upon. Regardless of the situation, we have all been a part of the dreaded “unproductive” meeting.

    Management 3.0: Leading by Letting Go

    11.05.19 | Callibrity Expert
    Guest blog post by Drew Kincius @ beLithe, an Indianapolis based Agile consulting firm. Callibrity and beLithe are partnering to host a 2-day Management 3.0 workshop in Cincinnati November 14th - 15th 2019. Read more about what Management 3.0 is and the principles of leading by letting go.

    What, Who, When, Why and How Serverless

    10.17.19 | Callibrity Expert
    Serverless is one of the latest buzzwords flying around in technology circles. It's hard to keep up with what it means and, more importantly, how it can be used. I spent the last few days at Serverless Conf 19 in NYC and here are some important takeaways.