• The Why What server side Framework should I use on side projects?

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  • Four years ago I decided to venture into the world of development. I picked up some books on HTML, CSS, javascript, and Ruby, took some courses online, attended local programming meetups, and made my way into a couple freelance gigs.

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  • AngularJS had Transclusion and now Angular 2 has the force of the Shadow DOM.

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  • The goal of this post is to demonstrate how Angular 2 route resolves work in 10 minutes, along with providing sample code in Plunker. If you are already familiar with route resolves from Angular 1, I recommend skipping the intro and jumping straight to the sample app section.

  • I have always been a big sports fan. So being a developer, and an avid sports fan, I have always been intrigued by computer rankings and how to remove the subjectivity from determining the best team.

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  • If you’ve had a chance to use an html canvas to render graphics in a web app, you found you were limited to using a single font to draw text on the screen in JavaScript:

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  • Welcome to the final installment of this three-part series on coding theory. If you have not had the opportunity to read the first two pieces, it is highly recommended that you do before continuing on. They are available here:

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  • Welcome to the second installment of this three-part series on coding theory. If you have not had the opportunity to read the first piece, it is highly recommended that you do before continuing on. It is available here: http://www.callibrity.com/blog/coding-theory-1-of-3

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  • What is ES6? What is Destructuring?

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  • In this series on the management of skill acquisition, the ways in which skills are acquired was discussed in the first part, and the mathematical modeling of skill acquisition and atrophy was discussed in the second. But no modeling can capture all the complexity and nuance of the real world, especially in the ways the members of a team acquire skills. There are always exceptions to rules, and consequences that follow from them.

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  • Coding theory stands as a cornerstone for most of computer science. However, many programmers today have a diminutive understanding of the field at best. This three-part series of blog posts describes what coding theory is and delves into Richard Hamming’s contributions. Although derived in the 1950s, Hamming’s ideas are so visionary that they still permeate modern coding applications. If a person truly comprehends Hamming’s work, they can fully appreciate coding theory and its significance to computer science.

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  • A smart manager will carefully choose members of a team to work together, trying to maximize the team’s proficiency without compromising the quality of the team’s work or its delivery to customers, according to the guidelines laid out in the first part of this series. The general technique of gaining proficiency through the continuous apprenticeship of team members is not difficult to understand, but making it measurable and optimizing skill acquisition can be elusive.

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  • The Cincinnati Business Courier’s Fast 55 program recognizes the fastest-growing private companies in Greater Cincinnati, and we are proud to be included as one of the finalists for these prestigious awards. To qualify, a private company must be located in the 17-county region that makes up Cincinnati and have at least $1 million in average revenue over 3 years. This is the twelfth year that the competition has been held, and now includes five revenue ranges up to $100 million and over.

  • The managers of development teams are in serious trouble! Since they are responsible for the people maintaining and enhancing an existing set of products and services, and possibly creating and developing new ones, enough people with the right skills are needed to get all these jobs done. Anything less will cause the team to collapse from being under-skilled or overworked. And they’re being squeezed hard to do more with less.

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  • Before starting, this is not anarchy. Far from it. This is about broken promises. This is about the pursuit of happiness. This is about getting what we deserve.

  • Once upon a time, way back in the 1970s, there was this little operating system that came out of Bell Labs called UNIX. While most of the industrial effort in operating system development was focused on the commercial arena, UNIX was about something different. It was about giving the people who had to work with an operating system every day the freedom to get their work done quickly without a lot of pain. To this end, the work done by the creators of Unix was brilliant.

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  • SAVE THE DATE - OCTOBER 10, 2015: The Race for Hunger is a 5K run/walk that takes place on a flat course along the beautiful Little Miami River bike trail in South Lebanon, Ohio. Callibrity has been a major sponsor of this great charity race for the last two years. We have been able to help many needy families in our area as well as many students through the Panther Backpack program.

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