By Steve Nord on 11 November 2019

Recall a meeting where multiple individuals of a team started getting into a heated discussion. As it escalated, you envisioned ways you could escape unscathed. Maybe you were someone who was strong in their beliefs and became frustrated when others didn’t see your point. Perhaps, it started as a brainstorming session with a ton of ideas thrown out but no solution was agreed upon. Regardless of the situation, we have all been a part of the dreaded “unproductive” meeting.

By Michael Burchett on 22 October 2019

In a previous post I talked about Agile frameworks, what they are, and why you should use one. The next question you should ask is “which one”, and the purpose of this series is to explain each of the most popular frameworks in a non-biased way, in an effort to answer this question. In this post, we will explore the Agile methodology of “Lean".

By Michael Burchett on 07 September 2019

In 2001, the Agile Manifesto was created at Snowbird ski resort in the Wasatch mountains of Utah. Although the concepts of Agile had been around for several years before the manifesto was created, the birth of the manifesto may well be a good point to say that Agile was officially “born.” Since this time, people have been inventing and reinventing ways of working that they feel best align with Agile while still incorporating their own organizational culture.

By Damon Poole - Agile Coach on 09 April 2019

The term “Agile Coach” has many interpretations. One of the most common seems to be Agile Expert or Agile Consultant. Perhaps it is because we don’t usually use the word “Coach” in the software industry. Can you imagine a Java Coach or a Docker Coach? To be a good Agile Coach, you do need to have Agile Expertise, but I think you need more than that.

By Carlos Martin on 03 December 2018

We are excited to announce that we have become a corporate member of the Agile Alliance