Case Study: Callibrity Leverages AWS in Real-time Monitoring, Multitenancy and Reporting

April 22, 2020 by Josh Marotti

Callibrity was challenged with the task of helping PLXIS, a client that was working in the credit card processing domain, with several technical obstacles to improve developer support and to support multiple clients. During this project, the solutions proposed by Callibrity enabled PLXIS to solve bugs efficiently, facilitate scaled reporting and use multitenancy to support multiple clients.

 Several challenges arose from this case study:


  • 20 transactions per second
  • an enormous amount of data
  • The business needed to support multiple clients
  • Bug fixes taking too long

A multi-pronged solution was needed to tackle the challenges that were presented. 

The Results?

“Using AWS S3, EMR and Data Pipelines, we were able to create data feeds 8x times faster at a cost of less than $10 per feed generation. Furthermore, using S3 as our Data Lake, we were also able to provide access to data in real time that our users did not have access to before.”

- Enterprise Architect at IPC

To learn the details how Callibrity helped PLXIS, View Case Study

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