Pearls of Wisdom

29 January 2019 by Tracy Boatright

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received in my professional career, came from the CEO of a large and successfully run credit union. I sought this gentleman’s advice because he had a reputation for creating a collaborative culture that attracted members and talent almost effortlessly. I wanted to know his secret and how to apply it to the way I approached and recruited individuals. He taught me two things that I will never forget:

  1. Creating a positive experience is what will make people want to work with you. The way you make someone feel is paramount in a competitive market. Treat people exceptionally well and you’ll earn their trust and loyalty.
  2. Know What You Do and What You Don’t Do. Don’t try to be all things to all people. Create a niche, be a specialist and make deliberate decisions about what you’re not willing to do. Stay true to your craft and service offerings. 

Those pearls of wisdom have been tucked away (although not forgotten) for several years. They popped out of the archives recently and hit me upside of my head! I recently became the newest Talent Manager at Callibrity. While attending my first quarterly meeting, the President of our company began talking about our service offerings. He was passionate about what we are, and equally passionate about what we are not. It’s refreshing to see that our company embraces that understanding and even more refreshing to feel that positive experience each day I walk through the front door.






Tracy Boatright
Tracy Boatright

Tracy has been recruiting talent for more than 20 years. Her passion lies in being a facilitator of change by providing exciting and meaningful opportunities to talented candidates. She has worked for start-up companies as well as global organizations. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family. Her favorite hobbies are gardening and decorating.