JAMstack Conf Impressions

November 28, 2018 by Steve Nord

I recently had the opportunity to attend JAMstack_conf in San Francisco with my team. I got to learn what JAMstack is, why JAMstack has become so popular and where it is going, as well as some developer resources for anyone who is just starting out. I will share what I learned about each of these in the following blog post.

What is it?


  • JavaScript – either ReactJS, JQuery, Angular, or even vanilla JavaScript
  • APIs – all server-side processes are accessed through APIs utilizing JavaScript
  • Markup – should be prebuilt using a site generator for content


JAMstack applications have increased in popularity due to their excellent performance. JAMstack also makes coding easier with the use of APIs for database calls, security, and/or other server-side services resulting in an overall better developer experience. With less time and energy spent on the server-side, front-end developers are free to enhance the user experience. JAMstack empowers “The All-Powerful Front-End Developer” credit goes to Chris Coyier.

Need help getting started as a front-end developer?

Freecodecamp.org – Equipped with 1,400+ courses, 30 projects, and 6 certifications, this project was designed to provide a solid foundation for a successful developer career. Also, it’s FREE!

Freecodecamp founder, Quincy Larson, did not take the traditional route to become a developer. He found his passion for coding years after graduating and utilized online resources to gain the knowledge necessary to have a successful programming career. His mission is to make this product available worldwide by providing Raspberry pi’s to underdeveloped countries where consistent electricity or Wi-Fi is not common. The project is also accessible to inmates, giving them the opportunity to learn to code offline when they do not have the right to access the internet.

One of the themes shared at the conference is that “Everyone is a Developer”, regardless of whether the “title” is part of the career description (thanks, Jessica Lord!). So, go out there and build something great using this resource!

Watch all talks on the JAMstack_conf YouTube channel

Steve Nord
Steve Nord
Associate Software Developer
Steve spent the first 6 years of his career in the actuarial field. He often automated tasks for improved efficiency which turned into a passion and led to his career change. Steve began his transition to programming by learning Java and gained freelance experience with JavaScript and React. Steve enjoys sports, movies, and traveling with his wife, Sarah.