Case Study: Nonprofit Embraced DevOps To Establish A National Presence

November 21, 2019 by Dillon Courts

When thinking of how organizations implement DevOps, a church is generally not the first prospect that comes to mind. Callibrity worked with Crossroads, a Cincinnati based church organization, to help establish a national presence. Crossroads’ digital product team worked alongside Callibrity to create software solutions that can support Crossroads’ large and expanding user base. With the support of Callibrity, Crossroads embraced modern, scalable approaches such as DevOps from ideation to deploying code to production.

About Crossroads

  • Crossroads is a technologically advanced church operating in the greater Cincinnati area with 10+ physical locations and counting.
  • They are growing at an alarming rate and have a vision of creating a national presence.
  • They use technology to streamline sign up and administration of popular events like man camp, woman camp, and couples camp, as well as everyday processes like checking kids into their kid’s club program and tracking volunteer and serving opportunities across the church.
  • Crossroads operates a sophisticated website with a goal of getting to know it’s users so that Crossroads can recommend personalized content that can help you with your life journey, no matter the stage you might be in.



 There were several main challenges Callibrity aimed to address with Crossroads.

  1. Instability of Production Environment due to deployments, and infrastructure concerns
  2. Desire to improve software practices like the pace of development, production deployment frequency, zero-downtime deployments and security.
  3. Security was crucial because a cloud access key was leaked to a public repository that resulted in fraudulent charges
  4. Ability of software to scale to meet national demand as the church continues to grow.


Callibrity was asked to design and implement a solution to improve the security of secrets within Crossroads. Read the case study to learn the details on the strategy behind the solution we architected and implemented at Crossroads. 


Download the Case Study


What was the impact of DevOps for Crossroads?

“Crossroads Church's Digital Product Team helped enable the rapid growth from a local church to a national church.  Along with the great software development talent from our partnerships including Callibrity, we have been able to bring in top development talent to co-create an ecosystem of software solutions that enable millions of people to connect with Jesus & join the Crossroads team.”

- Engineering Manager at Crossroads


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Dillon Courts
Dillon Courts
Cloud Practice Lead
Dillon has 10 years of professional development experience and a passion for building reliable, highly scalable software systems. He Specializes in DevOps practices, Cloud Native solutions, and microservice architectures. In his free time Dillon enjoys playing sports, video games, board games, and spending time with his wife Alex, and 2 dogs. November 21, 2019