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In today’s dynamic environment, staying ahead requires businesses to retain a commitment to innovation and user-centric design. As leaders in software engineering, we at Callibrity are excited to announce the expansion of our services by introducing Callibrity’s Product team. 

Leading the team is our newest hire, Ryan Wilson. Ryan brings over 20 years of experience along with advanced degrees in Human-Computer Interaction and Graphic Design. A skilled leader, Ryan has led teams and worked on digital products in a variety of industries including Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Education, and Energy. Some of Ryan’s notable clients include Yum! Brands, Apple, Lowe’s, and Kroger.

“We are very excited about this expansion of our services,” said Callibrity CTO James Carman. “This will open many opportunities for our clients, old and new. The value the Experience team brings to Callibrity’s clients, beginning with clarifying product concepts, refining project requirements, finding creative solutions to common problems, improving performance, and solving problems before a single line of code is written is a game-changer.”

Offering an understanding of what to expect from an Product Consultant, Ryan shares: “think of them as someone who comes into your project in the early days, sometimes being the first person on the ground to identify wants, needs, and gaps for a product”.

A Product Consultant is well-versed in how products are conceived and built from the ground up. Part of the role is taking in a lot of information, asking a lot of questions, and outputting product requirements and artifacts that will support the entire project lifecycle.

Product Consultant also run workshops with stakeholders to clearly define desired outcomes and meet with and observe users to clarify if the recommendations solve problems from their point of view. And they will apply their experience, best practices, creative problem solving, while using qualitative and quantitative data in defining requirements.

Ryan added that “we also understand the need and value of good-looking products. Starting in 2024, we are growing a team of talented Visual Interface Designers who will support our Product team and clients so that, as a team, we can provide streamlined, easy-to-use products for our customers.”

Projects of all sizes will benefit from the services our Product team offers. The return on investment for these practices is clear. Finding and resolving issues first instead of after the product has been developed will save time and money in the long run, and ideally, the outcome will be happier product users.

To learn more about how Callibrity can help your organization, email us at to schedule a time to connect.


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Ryan Wilson

Experience Practice Lead


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