Partnered with Market Leader in Mobility Solutions to Solve Performance Pain Points

Client: Market Leader in Mobility Solutions

Callibrity’s proven ability to solve complex problems by creating innovative solutions was rewarded after delighting this mobility solution client on a previous engagement. Entrusted with diving into overall system issues, a team was tasked with a greenfield, cloud-native program. The product Callibrity built to replace legacy versions not only leap-frogged the competition but is now a showcase solution.

Real-Time Device Monitoring
User Management

  • Tech Stack

  • .NET Core

  • Kubernetes/Kafka

  • PostgreSQL

  • Deployed on AWS

  • ReactJS


A Mobility Solutions Provider known for the ease and simplicity of pay-on-entry facilities was suddenly facing big issues with legacy machines and the inability to get software and features deployed in a timely manner. A fragmented system with locations across the US that was relying on multiple versions of hardware contributed to the challenge.


Callibrity introduced iterative delivery in our greenfield application development to examine the legacy issues and determine the best technology solve. Consolidation was key. By writing the client a new on-site tool that would receive updates automatically, the burden of manual processes and physically interacting with machines was reduced. The new platform is cloud-native and deployed on AWS.


With the modernization Callibrity delivered, production issues that formerly took months to resolve can be addressed and solved in a matter of hours. Many automated processes, such as continuous integration, and deployment on the DevOps platform were implemented so that when a developer checks in code, it is now built, tested, and deployed. Now the facility devices in the field get updated without anyone having to physically touch anything. As a result of Callibrity’s holistic approach, flexibility, and business value, we are now solving more challenges for the client.


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