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Case Study

Modernization & Web App Improvement

Client: Healthcare Professional Services Agency

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Callibrity’s software engineering practices and iterative approach quickly solved an underperforming website and aging infrastructure that was the leading cause of user stability challenges. Callibrity also integrated a number of third-parties into one cohesive system to ensure a modern digital experience.

Lead Source Automation

Cloud & Software Modernization

Creating a Mobile-First Experience

Providing an Extensible Platform


While the agency was very successful at matching healthcare professionals with opportunities, they were held back by limited resources and an aging tech stack – resulting in a website that was unreliable. Add to that the complexity of being required to switch from the website to fill out manual paperwork. Being limited by on-premise hardware also meant that the infrastructure should be migrated to the cloud.



Callibrity recognized the challenges that healthcare professionals faced in trying to register with the agency. The first step was unifying the document requirements into a seamless user experience. With healthcare professional leads coming in from multiple sources, Callibrity significantly reduced the need for manual data entry by creating the automation of those disparate lead sources to streamline the process and enhance the platform.


With Callibrity transforming the website, the portal application, and associated databases from on-premise servers to the cloud, the client went from getting a healthcare professional mobilized in hours to in minutes. This greatly reduced costs by decreasing the maintenance required, while allowing our client to scale as demand for healthcare professionals skyrocketed. Finally, due to the new platform’s extensibility, the client can now easily build expanded features to address future business needs.

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