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Case Study

Partnered on Process
Improvements to Ensure Growth

Client: A Global Payments Company

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Callibrity’s holistic approach to software engineering and data-driven insights created innovative and flexible solutions in the payment plan space in the university and medical verticals. Process improvements were put in place to ensure growth and scale.

Modern Architecture Improvements

Automated Testing

Reimagining &
Improving Processes


While universities and medical centers are dedicated to education and healthcare, they also must generate bills for their services. From tuition to claims, the configuration challenges come in across the entirety of the application – because every single client bills and sends data differently, so there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. The company was experiencing high growth that required reimagining and improving processes.

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Callibrity's teams refined the unit testing to ensure the desired output of solid, quality code over the long-term. Beyond feature development, our solution delivered enhancements on a per-client basis, so now it is possible for them to be informed when a specific fee was applied. By helping improve the product so that the client could continue to create tailored payment experiences for their end customers, Callibrity provided a solution flexible enough to handle complex customizations.


With Callibrity’s process and software improvements, the client now has new ways to separate out tangible tasks and prioritize them. It is also now possible to show iterative development so feedback can be provided faster – as it’s being developed – instead of at the end. There is now dedicated time to show what’s being built to the product-side before it gets deployed. With so many priority shifts occurring, the iterations resulted in cost savings by limiting the amount of unnecessary work with a team-based approach.

  • Updated tech stack

  • Java migration

  • Deployed on AWS

  • Android & iOS builds

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