Partnered with diversified financial services company on mobile app re-write and cloud migration

Client: Diversified Financial Services Company

Callibrity’s quality of software and processes enabled a comprehensive cloud migration and mobile application rewrite. This effort paved the way for new features to be added while proactively solving for aging technology and modernizing software engineering practices.

Mobile Apps
New Languages
& Frameworks

  • Tech Stack

  • Java

  • Deployed on AWS

  • Android

  • iOS


The client's reliance on on-prem data centers and mainframes was becoming an increasingly larger barrier to new development. While the existing application was providing a good user experience, it was written in an older programming language. By continuing to struggle internally with pushing out new releases, our client realized that falling behind was going to be inevitable. To remain a leader in mobile banking while continuing their current relevance with customers, our client needed to ensure the capability of adding the latest new features on both Android and iOS.


Callibrity understood the financial services company’s need for moving to a more modern distributed system architecture since their monolithic architecture was far too limiting, and their release cycle was on an inconsistent release cadence. To speed that up, Callibrity advised them to split into a more distributed architecture so they could stand up teams around specific domains within each solution. Callibrity developed the mobile clients and the functionality within them, so each cross-functional team was now able to operate autonomously – giving them the freedom to release popular new features – such as Money Movement use cases.


Released a new and improved digital experience on mobile. In addition, emphasizing automated testing and hosting on AWS was a game-changing combination that allowed our client to scale up quickly. Callibrity's reference team laid the groundwork for our client's journey into the cloud. Now the backbone for the next iteration of development is in place. There was an added benefit of architecture design becoming cheaper and cost-effective.


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