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Case Study

Accelerated Digital Platform Enhancements

Client: Data Science Company


Callibrity’s consultative focus on quality coding, process, and continuous delivery helped a firm in a start-up mindset achieve their goal of modernizing a multi-customer digital marketing platform by tracking success rates while automating the media approval process to extend product interactions and an improved digital experience.

Business Process Automation


Quality & Continuous Delivery


The data science company was fully committed to modernizing their multi-customer digital marketing platform, which allowed consumer goods clients to create marketing materials for segments of retail customers, while also tracking the success rates of marketing efforts. Automating the approval process for nominating customers to receive coupons with minimal back-and-forth iterations between clients and associates was also a key challenge.

Developer writing code on a laptop, their laptop is plugged into multiple monitors.


Callibrity introduced a system to send marketing platform notifications in a more flexible event-based manner. Callibrity recognized the impact reimagining and modernizing process workflows would have on the developer experience going forward. Setting up a dashboard with metrics and graphs added greater visibility of platform performance. Increasing broader test coverage, improving code quality, and refactoring also contributed to improving the codebase for the developer experience in order to speed up development and enable faster turnaround on new features for clients.


By modernizing the DevOps experience and automating CI/CD pipelines, the client successfully pivoted to prioritizing demand from customer segments with quality and speed. The improved codebase also solved for production issues by enabling the client to automatically version their deployed artifacts, so they gained full awareness of what was running in production at any point in time. Now when things inevitably happen in production, better observability gives the client insights that allow them to identify and resolve incidents faster than before.  As an added bonus, Callibrity aligned the platform’s digital accessibility to industry standards.

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