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Case Study

Dynamic Pricing Solution

Client: Leader in SAAS Solution Delivery

Developer viewing an app on their phone next to their laptop computer. The app shows a stylized view of trade and economics.

Our client faced challenges with manual quoting processes prone to errors. Callibrity developed a streamlined digital solution, automating pricing with complex algorithms and API integration. Tight iterations and frequent demos ensured client buy-in, leading to scalable, user-friendly pricing tools and future system integrations.

Process Automation

Pricing Structure Analysis

Rapid Prototyping


A leader in delivering SaaS solutions to customers across a variety of industries, our Client was leveraging an Excel spreadsheet and guesswork to provide customer quotes for services. This process was prone to human error and was highly dependent on manual intervention during the sales process.

To enable a streamlined, digital sales experience to customers, our Client sought to automate the price quoting process. Due to the complex nature of deriving a sustainable pricing structure that ensures profitability as well as a competitive price to customers, it was necessary to implement complex algorithms derived from a deep analysis of the Client’s pricing structures.

A rapid prototype was needed to prove out the concept to ensure buy-in from various business stakeholders. A “Tiger Team” was needed that possessed the capability and deep expertise to deliver.

A workshop in session. A mixed group of people stand and sit around a table. On the table are glasses of water and stacks of paper and documents. The people are discussing the workshop.


Beginning with a 2-day discovery workshop, the Callibrity team worked with stakeholders to document and prioritize requirements.

Within the first 2 weeks, Callibrity delivered an API that reproduced the results of the formerly used spreadsheet, with an ability to integrate with various Client systems.  This removed the need for manual intervention, providing a single source of truth for pricing. The solution involved implementing 5 complex formulas that covered all needed cost structures, while ensuring adequate margins were met.

Subsequent iterations produced a user interface, allowing users to administrate products and various cost structures. Analytical tools were built to allow administrators to envision the various pricing structures throughout the lifecycle of a subscription.


By working closely with our client and iterating quickly, Callibrity was able to provide a robust solution that is highly scalable in a technology that is comfortable and familiar to our client.  This solution is easily transferable and maintainable by the client, unlocking the promise of digital sales.

Working in tight iterations, often responding to requests and providing a demo 2-3 times weekly, Callibrity was able to respond to ever-changing priorities and client needs. This allowed our Client to visualize the impact of different variables and how it affected profitability in a way never before possible.

With proof of value clearly demonstrated through the Callibrity engagement, our client’s future roadmap includes a rollout of the dynamic pricing tool and additional system integrations.

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