By Mark Wehby on 29 August 2018

Who in their right mind writes unit tests for logging statements? Just kidding, logging done the correct way can do more than provide data and insight into the running application.

By Jason Brammer on 25 January 2018

A brief introduction to Selenium WebDriver, and some simple guidelines to evaluating how it can help you!

By Mike Vezzani on 22 December 2017

I hate dishes. Like, I really, truly, deep down in the bottom of my heart’s right ventricle hate dishes. And when I’ve made dinner and then spent the successive half hour cleaning up the mess I made in the kitchen as a result of said dinner preparations, I get annoyed, nay, angry when someone decides to make another mess in the kitchen and leave it dirty.

By Tyler Roth on 06 October 2017

Disclaimer: I have yet to figure out how to write unit and integration tests for articles and blog posts. Ideally, all of my punctuation problems would be hashed out in unit tests; while integration tests would make sure that it all flows together. So I apologize in advance for any bugs in my blog post.