Our Story

Founded by Developers for Developers


 In 2007, while working on a project together, our Co-founders Gary Howard and Mark Wehby dreamed of starting an IT Consulting firm that would provide other independents great projects to work on. Through leveraging relationships with other IT consultants, their vast market knowledge and understanding of the local landscape, Callibrity has grown exponentially since. We take great pride in fostering an environment where great developers can come together to work on great projects. We are an organization that doesn’t just tell consultants they are valued, but shows them. All 9,400 square feet of our Cincinnati headquarters was designed with developers in mind. The engineering culture we have grown over the last decade is a result of our founders’ vision to be a one-of-a-kind software development company managed by developers for developers.



We are a local destination for software professionals that embraces an engineering culture, continuous learning, and advancing in new technologies.



To create an organization that values relationships, our community, and our people - continually striving for a culture that produces exceptional work.

Our Core Values

Servant leadership

Use our intelligence and experience in a humble manner

Platinum rule

Treat others better than we would want to be treated - We don't put anyone on a project we wouldn't want to work on ourselves

Lifelong learning

Seek to better ourselves by contributing to open source communities, attending conferences, and participating in hackathons.

Value relationships

Trust and communication above all else.

Fun and a little weirdness

Unique company events that bring our people together.


For our community and each other, always being human.

Grow together

Hire smart, driven people with diverse backgrounds and invest in their growth.

Independence and creativity

No micromanagement. If we have to closely manage employees, then we need to fix our hiring practices.

Constructive criticism

Challenge one another in a thoughtful, honest and fair manner to fuel personal growth.

Reward key performers

Incentivize thought leadership and mentorship that make our practices and people better.

Awesome benefits

Encourage work-life balance and strong family values.

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What's in a name?


When you see 'Callibrity', you might be thinking that it's a word you've never encountered. You're right, it's not in the dictionary. When we chose Callibrity as our company name we wanted something meaningful and unique. It's a mashup of two different roots, calli and caliber. Calli means 'beautiful' in Greek, as in Calligraphy - beautiful writing. Caliber means 'a degree of merit or excellence', which perfectly fits our passion. Skill and expertise are the foundation of our company, and we chose a name that reflects this. Though it may be a new word, we believe it captures the essence of who we are. We strive to do beautiful work with a high degree of merit and excellence.

We are Artists. We are Engineers. We are Innovators. We are Callibrity.


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