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Automated Tests are an essential part of any successful software product. Callibrity consultants are trained in the discipline of Test Driven Development, so we write tests while we write the code. This philosophy has major benefits and is widely considered a best practice.

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In order to compete in today’s marketplace you need to be able to ship code quickly and reliably. We’ve all been a part of a project where a seemingly minor change is pushed to production and the entire product comes crashing down. Issues like these often slip through the QA process when automated tests are not a part of your deployment pipeline.



Software maintenance cost has been written about extensively and has been estimated to be as high as 80%+ of the total cost of a project. As more and more features are added to a system, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of how changes in one place may impact the functionality in another. Automated tests provide instant feedback to developers so they can quickly determine if the changes they are making are safe for a production deployment.


Testing Strategy

The adoption of automated tests is important, but the overall testing strategy is even more instrumental to success. The wrong strategy can lead to gaps in code coverage and ultimately production issues. Using the wrong types of tests may lead to slow build times, which creates delays in releasing valuable changes to production. Knowing which scenarios are best suited to which type of test can be integral to the success of a software project. Callibrity consultants are experts in unit, integration, end to end, and load tests.

Whether you need custom software built to industry standards with maintainability in mind, need help designing a testing strategy for a new project, or need help overhauling an existing testing strategy, Callibrity can help.