DevOps picks up where Agile leaves off


Adopting a DevOps philosophy solves the common software development dichotomy of moving fast vs maintaining stability. DevOps picks up where agile leaves off by automating the deployment pipeline so that you can release quickly and reliably to production.

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Accelerate Flow of Work

Organizations that invest in agile software development see a significant improvement in the speed and quality of their software development process. However, they often find that the gains from the agile process are limited by a bottleneck incurred when changes are ready to be moved to QA or Production environments. DevOps evaluates the flow of work through your organization and implements strategies to identify problem areas and improve speed to market. This involves approaches such as Continuous Integration and Delivery, Infrastructure as Code, Automated Testing, and Microservice Architectures.


Create and Amplify Feedback Loops

The best way to improve any product is to continuously iterate using feedback as a guide. DevOps fully embraces this ideology by creating and amplifying feedback loops in every step of the software development cycle. Adopting this philosophy allows organizations to catch errors long before they make it to production environments, and ultimately their customers. However, these feedback loops don’t stop during the development process. Feedback can be generated in production environments that alert the team about issues before customers experience them. Examples of feedback loops include automated testing, deployment strategies (canary, blue/green), and application and environment telemetry that provides information on transaction times, throughput, and error rates.


Perpetrate a Culture of Continuous Improvement

The natural state of process is entropy, and software is no different. If you are not striving to continuously improve your processes and software, they will begin to decay over time. DevOps advocates creating a culture of continuous improvement throughout your organization. This cultural overhaul ensures the benefits gained from feedback and accelerating flow of work are not lost as the business grows.

Callibrity consultants have been trained in DevOps philosophies and have had great success creating DevOps transformations that allow organizations to compete more effectively in the marketplace. Callibrity also incorporates DevOps into their daily work in order to improve the quality of the software they create and reduce operational expenditures through automation.


Signs your organization could benefit from DevOps

No matter what your role is, if you work in a technology organization, chances are you’ve heard the term DevOps. If the scenarios in this blog sound all too familiar, chances are your company could benefit from adopting DevOps practices too. 

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