Callibrity Component Teams embrace Agile Principles to deliver quality software. Our component teams typically utilize the Scrum framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining software products. A Component Team can be customized to your needs. Teams are typically comprised of an Agile Practitioner (who understands the role of Product Owner and Scrum Master), a Software Architect, and a blend of Senior, Mid-Level, and Associate Developers.

Our Agile Practitioners are here to advance your organization in your Agile thinking, meaning whatever step you may be at, we are here to take you to the next one.

Our dedication to Agile principles means we are constantly inspecting and adapting both our process and your product so you can be confident that the outcomes will be what your organization needs.

  • Customer satisfaction is our highest priority
  • Focus on communication and interactions over processes and tools
  • Embrace change
  • Hold working software as the primary measure of progress

How They Work

Appoint an Agile Practitioner to the team. The Agile practitioner will facilitate the collaboration between the client and Callibrity’s team

Team defines “Done” based upon the client’s realistic expectations, striving for 100% code coverage, and no defects

Continuous Integration with full testing suite

Continuous Delivery with short-agile sprints straight to production

Why They Work

During the 10+ years of of our consulting existence, we’ve witnessed teams that embraced Agile Principles delivered more successful projects, leading to more satisfied clients. Watching these successes lead us to develop a 9,400 square foot HQ, with room to expand as needed. We pair talented developers with expert facilitators and place them in an environment designed around continuous learning, mentoring, and growth. We strive to remove some of the barriers internal teams have to maximize your investment.

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