Component Teams

Your project, managed by an experienced Agile practitioner and a team of technical resources in your office or ours. Component Teams mean getting it done right the first time.

Have you been burned by software development teams over-engineering, under-communicating and missing deadlines, or even worse, failed projects as a result? You don’t have to stay trapped.

Callibrity component teams, sometimes called scrum teams, are comprised of a point person (Scrum Master), a Software Architect, and a blended team of Senior Software Developers, Mid-level and Associate Developers who are dedicated to your product feature or problem. The team is located locally and managed in our facility, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of putting together a team and equipping them with the resources and tools they need to do their jobs.

Over-communication is our #1 priority. Scrum Masters gather requirements, set expectations, and ensure deadlines and deliverables are met while being an advocate for Agile best practices. Stakeholders are involved every step of the way to provide instant feedback to the team so they can adapt quickly. Callibrity covers the full software development lifecycle delivery by completely managing, delivering, and testing, while taking full responsibility of the project to ensure all client expectations are exceeded.

How They Work

Appoint a Scrum Master/Project Manager to be the liaison to the client’s Product Owner and Callibrity’s Development Team

Team defines “done” and strives for 100% code coverage with no defects

Continuous Integration with full testing suite

Continuous Delivery with short-agile sprints straight to production

Why They Work

We’ve found agile component teams to be the best model for software development in our 10+ years of IT consulting. More successful projects and more satisfied clients led us to build a 9,400 square foot HQ in 2017 with room to expand as we continue to add component teams. Pairing developers with expert level leadership, and placing them in an environment designed around ongoing learning and mentorship have been the keys to our success.

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