Agile Methodology

Scrum masters and Agile practitioners are integral to the software development life-cycle. We could not do what we do best without them.

At Callibrity, we believe in following the agile principles and best practices in everything we do.

Over Communication

We chose the agile methodology for its value of over communicating, whether it is face-to-face interaction or virtual. Our commitment to over communicating throughout the full software development lifecycle lies in our face-to-face interactions with the client. Stakeholder demos are held at the end of every sprint where instant feedback and changes are welcome.

Embracing Changes Early...Late...Often

Changing requirements are inevitable. Always being on top of those changes is deliberate. Our Scrum Masters strive to constantly convey new information they receive from product owners to the developers. We don’t care how early or late in the project changes are made, or how often. Frequent pushes of working software is our main goal.

Developer-Centric Environment

We believe in forming top notch teams and placing them in a developer-centric environment where they can thrive. We put a lot of thought and investment behind our office environment and its many perks to ensure it is a place where developers want to come to learn and also be productive.

Teams You Can Trust

With these best practices and the other principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto, plus our 10+ years of experience in the IT consulting business, we know a thing or two about what makes a software development project go smoothly. We know what attracts great software developers and what keeps them engaged. We have been trusted by our clients with many high risk projects that we completed on time and on budget. The best part is Callibrity assumes the risk and responsibility of a project’s success so the client can be at ease knowing the job will be done well.