“I had the opportunity at Callibrity to work with a client on a digital transformation and cloud migration of several backend services. This was my first time working with a cloud service platform and I have learned about building and deploying microservices, deploying infrastructure through Terraform, parsing and work automation, and setting up centralized logging. Working with cloud technologies is challenging however it has also been my favorite part of this project.”

Software Developer at Callibrity


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“Callibrity leadership is truly invested in their people, and
shows that with their pocket book, buying us equipment, accommodations, and training that goes above and beyond what you would find at a traditional company.”

Agile Practitioner at Callibrity

Cloud Software Development
Career Path

1. Associate Software Developer

Associate Software Developers come from all sorts of backgrounds. For some, it may be a second career after a long stint in a different industry and many nights of learning to code in their own free time. For others, they may have been writing code ever since they could type and just graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

2. Software Developer

Software Developers are experienced. They have some projects under their belt and they are fiercely learning new technologies and growing their interpersonal skills. Software developers love solving complex problems and they are considered subject matter experts at their client.

3. Senior Software Developer

Senior Software Developers are passionate about their craft and enjoy helping others. They have broad experiences but also have very deep expertise in some specific technologies such as machine learning and IoT. They give lunch n’ learns on the technologies they love and show potential for leading a team of software developers.

4. Software Architect

Software Architects are the masterminds behind our greenfield application projects. They are well-versed in many technologies and can listen, empathize, and advise our clients on the best technology stack for their custom solution.

5. Principal Consultant

Principal Consultants help train and mentor our software development teams as well as our client’s teams. They book speaking engagements at technical conferences and are recognized as thought leaders by many in the industry.

Meet the Cloud Practice Lead

Dillon 360x360
Dillon Courts, Cloud Practice Lead

Dillon has 10 years of professional development experience and a passion for building reliable, highly scalable software systems. He Specializes in DevOps practices, Cloud Native solutions, and microservice architectures. In his free time Dillon enjoys playing sports, video games, board games, and spending time with his wife Alex, and 2 dogs.