Case Study: Utilizing Remote Software Teams For Kroger

March 27, 2020 by Shelly Valentine

Kroger Technology solves real-world problems for millions of Americans in their everyday lives with industry-leading new tools like ClickList (online grocery shopping), mobile app innovations like shopping lists and store maps to assist finding products, and money saving digital coupons. Kroger Technology’s vision is to become the most valued technology organization in retail by driving culture not just leadership.


  • 55 technology initiatives to accomplish in 12 months
  • Inadequate bandwidth to recruit, onboard and train developers in a short timeframe
  • Lack of physical space for teams
  • Migrating from Angular to React across all digital



Kroger decided to evaluate remote teams as a possible solution that would enable them to grow at the pace they needed in order to compete with other online retail giants. Callibrity had built a level of trust with Kroger from on-site consulting engagements through projects like ClickList - a personalized, order online, pick up at the store service that revolutionized the way people shop. Callibrity provided thought leadership to the Kroger ClickList team in the following areas:

  •  Microservices, public APIs, and performance-based interface design
  •  Continuous delivery - leveraging truly elastic infrastructure with containers, elastic scale, Blue/Green no-downtime deploys, and A/B UI Testing
  •  Clickstream tracking and usage analytics

Callibrity is leading the way at Kroger with clean code, TDD (Test Driven Development) and continuous delivery. Callibrity helped expand Kroger’s previously small continuous integration into a much fuller and automated CI. Callibrity’s teams have more automated tests than any other remote team. Callibrity consultants are bringing others, including teams sourced by other consulting firms, into the fold by evolving communication methods and relationships to facilitate a cohesive team environment.


To learn the details how Callibrity helped Kroger and see the results, download the case study.

Download the Case Study


Shelly Valentine
Shelly Valentine
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