Case Study: Cloud Architecture and Development for Data Science

April 30, 2020 by Rylan Peters

84.51° is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kroger, which serves over 62 million households across 38 states. Originally part of dunnhumbyUSA, Kroger purchased and renamed the company 84.51° in 2015. The name coincides with the location of its Cincinnati headquarters and is a tribute to the longitudinal analytics the company employs. 84.51° brings together 10+ petabytes of customer data, marketing strategy, and advanced analytics to drive sales growth and customer loyalty for Kroger and more than 300 consumer-packaged-goods companies in the U.S. using a proprietary suite of tools, technology, and customized data science.


  • Keeping data scientists focused on data science: not integrations, new tech languages, and DevOps 
  • Developing a usable, scalable, enterprise platform solution for data scientists
  • Creating more speed and efficiency in seeking out trends and forecasts
  • Creating more speed and efficiency in scheduling science to run periodically without issues


  • Improved speed and reliability, for both planning and implementation of science.
  • Data scientists focusing on science rather than cloud infrastructure, code debugging and DevOps responsibilities.
  • Scalability, consistency, and reliability for data scientists by migrating from using GCP tooling directly to a new web application, asking for only configuration details.
  • Re-skinned and re-visited information architecture and verbiage for a consistent application experience throughout different modules.
  • Quality and quantity of science results for 84.51 customers and clients: allowing for more time to work on, analyze, and iterate on science code rather than waiting on jobs to finish


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Rylan Peters
Rylan Peters
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