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“Fight entropy. One of the laws of thermodynamics is that things tend to drift towards chaos. As an Agile Practitioner, be aware of this, and keep everyone grounded in doing well.”

Agile Practitioner at Callibrity


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“Callibrity leadership is truly invested in their people, and
shows that with their pocket book, buying us equipment, accommodations, and training that goes above and beyond what you would find at a traditional company.”

Agile Practitioner at Callibrity


Agile Practitioner
Career Path

1. Agile Practitioner

Agile Practitioners are the “glue” that holds our software development teams together. They are framework agnostic and can listen and adapt to a client’s needs. They are fantastic facilitators, communicators, and are confident in the value agile provides to any project.

2. Senior Agile Practitioner

Senior Agile Practitioners are vital to mission-critical project success, particularly with new name clients or larger house accounts. For greenfield application development projects, scrum is the framework most often used and our Senior Agile practitioners are scrum certified pros.

Meet the Agile Practice Lead

Carlos 360x360
Carlos Martin, Agile Practice Lead

Carlos has 13+ years of IT experience. He has worked in the areas of Product Support, Client Support, Business Analysis, Product Development and Product Management. He is an Agile practitioner focusing on Scrum Master and Product Owner roles. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and watching movies.